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Can We Have A Chat?  Yes, the Cheynes Team Give You The Lowdown On The Contestants’ Hair on Love Island!

It’s fair to say that the nation is a little bit obsessed with ITV2’s Love Island.  Will Megan and Wes stay together? Is it true love for Dani and Jack?  What will become of the two Lauras?

Of course, we all have our own opinions about the love couplings on Love Island here at Cheynes Hair Salons in Edinburgh, but there’s one thing we’re in agreement about – some of those hair extensions are a disaster!

What Has Happened To Love Island’s Laura’s Hair?

Your heart has to go out to poor old Laura when it comes to finding love in the villa, so we feel a little bad about disrespecting her hair extensions.  But the harsh truth is that they do not appear to be wearing well.  They are too long, not particularly well blended, are changing colour and going a bit frizzy and fluffy.  On the plus side, we think Laura’s got it sussed when it comes to styling her hair, wearing it in lovely waves, poker-straight and in pretty upstyles.

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We LOVE Dani Dyer’s Happy, Healthy Hair

What’s not to love about Dani Dyer and her new boyfriend Jack?  They are acting like an old married couple after just a few weeks together, which we find hilarious.  On to Dani’s hair and we think she’s got her look spot on.  She may be wearing taped hair extensions but she hides them well.  Her hair looks shiny and healthy and Dani sensibly keeps her hair up in a bun for a lot of the time, saving it from the harsh UV rays and chlorine.

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Love or Hate Hayley’s Hair Extensions?

Sure, Hayley has now left the Love Island villa but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten!  Setting aside her dubious grasp of Brexit, let’s focus our expert eye on her hair.  Hayley wore hair extensions which looked pretty natural.  They gave her hair lots of length and volume and were blended well with her natural hair.   Take note if you are wearing extensions – do not fiddle with them as much as Hayley, or the ends will end up rather wispy!

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Samira Mighty & Her Weave

We are amazed that Samira’s weave survived several weeks on the island.  Weaves do not mix well with the heat or water… but we rarely (if ever?) saw Samira in the pool which was probably a well thought through plan to save her weave.  Samira left Love Island of her own accord to be with new beau Frankie… so we wish them both well and hope her hair makes a speedy recovery! 

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