EIMI: Style and Finish

The Best Hair Styling Products at Cheynes Hair Salons in Edinburgh

We use EIMI (say it eye-mee) because we believe it to be one of the very best styling and finishing ranges available today, with a collection of products that achieve every possible style.

Wella say: “ with EIMI you can truly be yourself, say what you say and shout it out” EIMI lets you express your individuality”.

We say “EIMI offers unrivalled performance and allows us to create every style with ease. It’s the same for you when you take your recommended product home, each individual gel, wax, paste, mousse, blow-dry lotion and spray has been designed to deliver optimum results easily”.

With a range as interesting as EIMI it’s easy to get involved with it! There’s something that will be ideal for your hair, and all Cheynes staff are fully informed on the features of each individual product so you can be confident in the product you take home with you.

In case you have never bought your styling product (or any hair product) from us before, our belief is that the formulations and the performance of professional products exceeds the vast choice in supermarkets and chemists, that’s why we are very particular about what we recommend to our clients.

Wella professionals has been a constant at Cheynes hairdressing salons in Edinburgh.  We have used their products for as long as we can remember and with the introduction of EIMI it has allowed us to be more focussed on offering a complete and systematic home-care regime for our clients.

Why not ask your hairdresser about EIMI (remember, it’s pronounced eye-mee) and see what products they would recommend for you to use to take care of your Cheynes style.


We asked Neil (Salon Director) at our George Street salon, which was his favourite product!

He says: “That’s a tough question because EIMI is so flexible and I can use lots of different products on my clients, but ultimately my choice would be ‘Perfect Me’ for styling, it smooths the hair and gives a great finish on frizz prone hair. I’m also a big fan of ‘Texture Touch’ a clay that gives a matte look to the hair, it’s brilliant for grungy hair and guys short textured looks”.