Damaged Hair








Did you know that indoor heating can demoisturise your hair?

Did you know that a windy day can strip your hair of it’s natural goodness?

Did you realise that blow-drying hair without any proitective styling product can make your colour fade!


There are so many ways that hair can be damaged, it doesn’t matter how much care you take over looking after it, the fact is that hair is vulnerable at all times, that’s why here at Cheynes we use System Professional treatments to help repair and regenerate the hairs structure.

R4 Repair Emulsion 50ml_print (1)

Repair Emulsion is a deep nourishing and protective treatment with a high care profile. The highly absorbent mousse, with amino acids and hydrolized keratin, reconstructs the hair and helps repair the cuticle and cortex. The lightweight formula is suitable for even finer hair textures and improves the hairs combability to prevent further damage.

This treatment is one of a range we use in our salons that can help make your hair feel ‘reborn’. Why not ask your stylist about the best treatment for your hair and scalp and help restore everything that the cold winter months has stripped away.