Cool Since 1976


2016 is a milestone year for us here at Cheynes.

We will be celebrating our 40th anniversary late summertime and our plans for celebrating this amazing year are well under way.

Keep checking in to find out what we are planning as the celebrations kick off.

















1976 seems like a lifetime ago, in fact many of our clients and our teams weren’t even born then. However, we still have customers who have been coming to visit us since we first opened our doors, and some of our team have been with us for almost all of the last 40 years.

The fabulous thing about being ‘hairdressers’ is that we are always kept ‘young at heart’ by our younger team members and our clientele, this helps us stay focussed and fashionable and current in ‘the modern world’.

As well as our salons and teams moving forward and progressing through the last 4 decades, so our photographic imagery has changed over the years as well, and as we head towards  a huge Cheynes 40th Celebration we will publish some of our archive images here on our blog.









This beautiful image, created by Jennifer Cheyne OBE certainly captures a moment in time. Weaving hair had become very fashionable and lots of high profile hairdressers where trying to create timeless images that showed this delicate and difficult technique.

Jennifer’s image shows a complex symmetrical shape that sits beautifully in the hair, each section exactly woven to mirror the next. It’s one of our most popular images from the early days of Cheynes as it shows off the artistry she was bringing to the hairdressing world at that time.

For us (and okay we are slightly biased) it’s one of those timeless looks that could be published today and still have the “Wow” factor!