Cool Since 1976








#coolsince1976 …. the hashtag we are attaching to all of our posts over on Instagram: to help us celebrate our history and also look at our future.

On Instagram we post pictures that embrace our heritage but also show our creativity as it stands today, each and everyday, with our clients who share their hair images with us and their followers.

Meanwhile, here on our blog we are focussing on some of the most iconic images the Jennifer and creative team have produced over the last 40 years.

Such is the case with this mysterious and unusual image.













The photograph taken by Robert Lobetta has a quality to it that makes it look more like a painting, a work of art, deftly painted by a master of his craft. The softened edges of the outlines create a 3 dimensional feel to the overall look. This model and her hair hark back to a new romantic feel, incredibly popular in the early 80’s and onward.

An alabaster face with a shock of lipstick adds a dramatic sense to the composition of the image, and the hair, beautifully created and styled by Jennifer Cheyne with it’s oversized flick framing the face and a shock of blonde accentuating the shape makes for a stunning image. The concept for this image came from a show that the Art Team did in Manchester and Jennifer had a vision to bring back ‘Streaks’ Little did we know that what she had in mind would be so dramatic but beautiful too….

From an artistic perspective it’s one of the Creative Teams all time favourite images, with a definite Cheynes stamp to it, it is one we can certainly add the hashtag #coolsince1976


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