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As we delve ever deeper into our archive we find images that truly created an impact when published.

Such was the case with this look. Daring in it’s layout, the hair is a striking and bold shape. Cropped through the perimeter, tight into the nape of the neck, gradually lengthening toward the crown area. A fringe that is short and textured, and long tendrils at the ears.

It’s a strong haircut, stamped with classic Cheynes signature elements.

The photograph was taken on Portobello beach, the dog in the background a glorious, accidental addition. It is (naturally) more daring that most of the imagery in our catalogue….. but we believe that the composition makes for a sensual delight.

When the photograph was first released the UK hairdressing fraternity loved it, and recognised instantly that it was a ‘work of art’ showcasing the skills of the Cheynes artistic team, not only in hairdressing, but also in creating images that were bold, daring and timeless.