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Guys! When the creative team get together and decide it’s time to do a collection of male images  we set ourselves the challenge of producing looks that show off our skills with gents hair, but also our understanding of the ever changing face of mens fashion.

As was the case with the ‘Wild Boys’ collection.












Rebellious, tattooed, dishevelled hair and a mean, moody stance created a powerful collection that showed guys had as much fashion savvy cool as the girls! Blonde, and not naturally so, this image makes a bold statement about guys hair!












The hair was textured, cropped through the sides and back, with a modern nod to the perennial quiff, but with a 21st century slant that made it edgy and ultra cool.

Wildboys2-330x493 (1)











Heavy fringes swept to one side, with a high shine factor showed the versatility of hair and the absolute need for guys to be able to wear their hair in astyle that fitted their mood.












Wild Boys shows men wearing colour in their hair that emphasised the cut and created a new feel to classic gents hair.

Adorned with jewellery, the collection captured the zeitgeist perfectly, men were becoming more adventurous in their dress sense and adornments were an absolute must!

GUYS: Cool guys…. Wild Boys!