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As we continue through our journey of Cheynes imagery we find photographs in our archives that show the creativity of Jennifer, Paul and the team in many different ways. From beautiful haircuts and colours, curls, hair-up’s and guys, each image has a stamp of creativity on it that is instantly recognisable as Cheynes.

And occasionally we rediscover something rather special, an image, or a collection of images that goes beyond hair and becomes a work of art.

We like to think of this collection as being just that. Created in 1988, the collection was a new direction for us here at Cheynes as it used new technologies in software to help achieve multi dimensional images that were new and exciting.












Hair (of course) still takes centre stage, from the loose formed curls that tumble over the models face above…











To the sharp angular fringe so perfectly executed in this classic geometric shape….












And the extreme texture of this choppy style that was one of the must have cuts of the late 80’s…












The collection is completed by the half head image that is a Cheynes classic, the soft curve of the fringe, and the shine line in the hair both mimicking the crescent of the moon.

When we released this collection it was very well received by all the trade press and was featured heavily in glossy magazines everywhere.

The fact that the images were all produced in Black and White, featured double, sometimes triple model images and had a backdrop of the solar system gave the pictures a point of difference over most other looks produced at that time.


The pictures were also produced as sepia tone to add a distinctly different feel to them:

Space3web Space2web Space1web








Another collection that we believe has stood the test of time, an unusual and powerful group of images that showcase the creativity of Cheynes.