Cool Since 1976









No.3 in a continuing feed looking at images from out past that we believe have stood the test of time.

It’s incredible to think that this image is almost 30 years old. Shot in one of Edinburghs’ most famous bars ‘The City Cafe’ it has a quality to it that makes it as current today as it was way back then.













Lets start with the setting of the shot, a cool background, the angular backdrop of the seating area creating a starkness to the feel of the photograph. The stylish ‘art nouveau’ coffee pots and crisp white crockery setting the scene perfectly.

And then the model, beautifully dressed in clean and pure white! Everything about the image has been put together to highlight the hair, it jumps out of the image with its incredible shine and the fringe that was absolutely ‘de rigueur’ in the 80’s. Sharper than sharp it emphasises the models face and creates an elongated feel to the longer lengths giving the hair a dramatic feel that fitted the moment then and would definitely fit it now!

Another timeless classic from the Cheynes archive. Hair and photography by Paul Adamczuk.