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Here’s another in our series of iconic images showcasing Cheynes work over the years.

This image was created by Jennifer for the Wella Trend Vision ‘trends’ when the concept and competition were in their early stages.

Now a major event in the hairdressing calendar, check in here soon for a report on this years trends and the events that are happening across the UK to support the competition, featuring The Cheynes Artistic Team.

15 years ago, when TV (as it is affectionately known) was in its infancy, Jennifer was invited to join a host of global artists to create images that would represent Wella, their brands, the competition and the trends whilst maintaining an individuality and expression of the person / salon  creating the look.



The gentle curve of the fringe, the rich chocolate brown colour gleaming and glossy contrasts sharply with the long flowing pinkish strands that drape over the shoulders of the model…a hint of balayage or dip dye long before it became a fashionable technique. Jennifer captured a moment, an image that became synonymous with Wella’s Trend Vision, an image that was used in press publications all over the world and one that adorned Wella training academies from London to Berlin, New York and beyond.


The true test of an image is its ability to stand the test of time, and this is something we at Cheynes strive to achieve with all our photographic work. We think you will agree, this image is as current and as relevant today as it was when first created all those years ago.