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1976; It has been officially defined as the UK’s best ever year in a recent report that analysed everything, from the weather, the music, the economy, crime, fashion, in fact just about every element of daily life was taken into account by a group of economists and the result was unanimous: 1976 was the greatest year we have ever had.


Here at Cheynes we like to think that perhaps it’s because it is the year we opened our doors for the very first time, hence #coolsince1976, however, even without our salons being included there are some very interesting facts that did actually help those economists come to their conclusion:


The weather: temperatures hit a whopping 28C for 22 consecutive days, those of us old enough to remember it can still recall the constant blistering heat.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 11.24.18










Petrol was 77p a gallon, yes we do mean a gallon.

You could buy a brand new Ford Fiesta or Mark 1V Cortina for £1,950.

A pint of beer was 32p and a loaf of bread was just 19p.

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Harold Wilson resigned as Prime Minister, he had to, with inflation raging at 17% it would eventually lead to the 78/79 winter of discontent.

The average wage was £72 per week.


Enterprise, the space shuttle was launched!

You could hop on to Concorde and be in Bahrain within hours.

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Intercity 125 services began, speeding up journeys between Edinburgh and London.


A staggering fact: Only half of the population had telephones, and they were landlines, no mobiles in 1976.

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Nobody owned a computer, however this was the year that Steve jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple. (and yes this is the very first Apple log0, swiftly changed within the first year to the more recognisable apple).

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If you were a fan of music you would have been able to see Elton John (£3.50) and  Queen (£2.50) amongst other artists performing at The Playhouse.











The music charts were a mixed batch with Brotherhood of Man topping the charts with ‘save your kisses’ and The Sex Pistols being banned for their ‘Anarchy in the UK’. Stevie Wonder launched the seminal ‘Songs in the key of life’. A young Irish group released their first single and went on to great things, their name, U2.

Films, Rocky was released, as was Taxi Driver with its memorable performance from Robert de Niro, and the phenomenal success that is Star Wars started this year.

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All in all, not a lot to suggest that 1976 was any different than most other years, apart from the weather of course, but we like to think that the opening of our very first salon here in Edinburgh was also a major reason for the year being regarded as the Uk’s finest!


Let’s not forget, our beautiful city of Edinburgh looked very different in 1976 as well:

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More about our history soon:  #Cheynes #coolsince1976