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The i-candy collection was inspired by the surge in pastel colours and textures that happened a few years ago. The Cheynes Creative Team wanted to express the fashion off in avant garde way and the images contained here show just what they created.

A bouffant quiff with a mohawk plait that explode in a mass of baby pink texture. This was never going to be a simple shoot. The team wanted to express their creativity and this image certainly does that. The elegant, almost ballerina at rest look of the image creates an ethereal feel to this bold hairstyle.













Here we see extreme textures in hair that has been styled and then deconstructed to create a new shape, a new form and a new texture. The combination of blondes and soft chocolate tones add an expensive feel to the image with the smooth crown area leading to a structured frizz through the lengths and ends, an altogether new look for long hair.













Stamped with a classic bold Cheynes fringe this models hair shows how long and short can be combined perfectly. the razor sharp fringe is in stark contrast with the rest of the long textured hair. The colour, deep and rich in the fringe fades through to a softer, melted chocolate feel in the textured tresses adding extra dimension to the image.













A textured, tumbling mass of curls, teased out to add a hint of texture and fluffiness creating a sexy shape. Rich brunette tones add shine to the style and suit the models alabaster skin tone perfectly. The shape is still very ‘on trend’ with hair hugging the head and expanding outward as it passes the shoulders.













And the image that hair magazines throughout the Uk and beyond fell in love with! The gigantic pink and blonde, candy-floss afro that showed the teams creativity off to its very best. Creating a hairstyle as ‘out there’ as this takes skill and talent. The placement of the colours is crucial. Understanding how the result will look when the hair has been styled meant very careful sectioning so that the finished result had a perfect raspberry ripple look to it.

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We think i-candy is a great collection that shows a different side to the Creative Teams hairdressing skills.

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