Colour Techniques

There are hundreds of colour techniques that technicians and hairdressers use to create bespoke colour results, and here at Cheynes we pride ourselves on offering a personal service that ensures you get the exact colour you are looking for.

Balyage, Ombre, Dip-Dye, Highlights, Lowlights, Slices, Panels…. just a few of the names that describe colour placement. These words refer to specific ways of adding colour that can bring added sparkle, depth, lightness, and sun-kissed looks to your hair.

Staying abreast of fashion is crucial as we recognise celebrities are highly influential in the message that their hair gives you and that’s why our teams are always kept informed of the latest techniques and styles, to make sure that you get your perfect colour.

Alongside the fashion techniques and the colour choices, we  also use a system for colour placement developed by Cheynes called Clipmeche.




Clipmeche is an environmentally friendly highlighting system which gives outstanding close to the root results on traditional highlights and lowlights. It is also an ideal method of applying colour in more specific techniques as the secure grip allows complete control for your hairdressers / technician allowing flexibiltity and creativity with complete confidence.

So next time you visit us and are having a colour technique,  and your stylist uses clipmeche ask them to explain just why it is so trusted by each and every member of the Cheynes teams.


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