Color Saver Mask: your coloured hair treatment







if you have coloured hair we here at Cheynes recommend System professional Color Save Mask as part of your at home regime.

The mask intensively nourishes coloured hair and protects the hair structure from potential damage. The active complex reduces color fading and ensures a long-lasting color freshness.

Color Saver mask is suitable for clients with coloured hair that requires additional care over and above normal shampoo and conditioner and can be used daily or as a luxurious treatment weekly.

Our teams recommend the very best home-care products for you to look after your coloured hair and System Professional is one of our most popular ranges with our clients and our stylists who all trust the formulations to deliver exactly what’s needed for your individual hair needs.


Color Saver Mask is part of a comprehensive range of products created exclusively for coloured hair.


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Speak to your Cheynes hairdresser about System professional and the ranges of products we carry that are designed to look after and protect your colour.