Photography & Advertising

Throughout the years Cheynes Hair Salons in Edinburgh have constantly tried to produce photographic images that excite and inspire.  Hairdressing is a very visual business and for us it’s always been important to share our creativity with our clients.

Many of you will remember the imagery we used in advertising campaigns in bus shelters across the city of Edinburgh.

Two of those images featured landmarks of our fabulous city, The Scott Monument and The Forth Rail Bridge, both feature Cheynes hair models. Somehow, 1 of the models appears to be climbing over the bridge and the other, hanging onto the monument. These photographs were ‘created’ long before photo-shopping and digital manipulation was possible. To create these looks, we photographed the models then cut them out of the background and (literally) stuck them onto the images of our famous landmarks

Hairhigh HGH,jpg

Then there was the classic campaign that stated ‘when you cut more hair then anyone else in Scotland you’ve got to find something to do with it’. These giant posters adorned bus shelters and caused a huge amount of interest because they were actually created with hair clippings from our clients. One was a hairdryer, another a pair of scissors, and another a comb! We don’t believe that this kind of advertising has ever been done before or since, and whilst it doesn’t relate to photography it was certainly one of the most memorable campaigns we ever undertook.

hairy comb hairy hairdryer hairy scissors

Over the years our photographic output has been recognised as a definite and defining part of Cheynes and we have maintained a high level of creativity, which, in no small part is led and driven by Jennifer Cheyne and her artistic leanings and Paul Adamczuk, our MD, who also happens to be an excellent photographer with a great eye for detail.

With the Cheynes Creative Team always abreast of upcoming trends, our aim with photographs is to share our creativity with clients, hairdressers and anyone interested in photography wherever possible.

Keep watching for more imagery from our archives, as well as new looks from our latest collections.


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