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Over the coming months we will be featuring YOUR hairdresser here on our new blog.

We are very proud of the fact that some of our team have been with us for a long long time, many having spent almost all their working life here at Cheynes.


As every client of every hairdresser knows, the relationship you share is built on a foundation of trust and professionalism. That first meeting with a new stylist or technician is a tentative moment when first impressions count for everything. Gradually, over a period of time you and your chosen stylist develop a relationship that evolves and grows.


So whilst you both get to know lots of information about each other that adds to the personal experience you receive, there are always things that you maybe don’t know about your stylist.


So keep checking in to find out about your very own Cheynes hairdresser.


Name: Paul Adamczuk

Salon: York Place

Position: Managing Director


Q, How long have you been part of the Cheynes Team?

A, I will have been with Cheynes 38 years this August and i’m still loving it!


Q, Describe your ‘signature’ hairdressing style.

A, I would describe myself as a contemporary, precision haircutter.


Q, What’s on your playlist at the moment?

A, The artist who I always gravitate to is the late but great David Bowie.


Q, If you hadn’t taken up hairdressing what would have been your second career choice?

A, I would have taken up a career as a professional Tae Kwon-Do Instructor.


Q, What is your all time favourite film?

A. Thats a tough one as i love so many different types of films, so i’m going to pick two  ‘The Godfather, part 1 & 2. Perfection in film making!


Q, Do you have any hobbies?

A, I love taking my children to the cinema as I have very fond memories from my youth of rare, but hugely enjoyable ‘going to the pictures days’


Q, Do you have a funny Cheynes story to share?

A, When i was a  slightly cocky young hairdresser at our South Bridge Salon, i remember spinning my scissors, ‘gunslinger style’  to try and impress a very attractive lady who i had in the chair, only to slice down the length of my nose in the process. To make matters worse i proceeded to tell her that all the blood over my face was due to me suffering from, wait for it…. nose bleeds! I still get a red face when I think about it now!


Q, Tell us a secret about yourself.

A, Way, way,  back in the day, i achieved my 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon-Do, hence the answer to the career question earlier.


A few people have been in touch asking for advice on where to study Tae Kwon-Do in Edinburgh, i would wholeheartedly recommend The United Kingdom Taekwon-Do Council (UKTC)

The President is Grand Master Peter Harkess, he is a 9th Degree Black Belt’ and was my instructor way back then and i’m proud to call him a friend all these years on.