Cheynes people: Lee-Anne









Continuing our ‘Cheynes People’ posts, we catch up with our West End Salon Director Lee-Anne McNaught.

Q: How long have you been part of the Cheynes Team?

24 Years to be precise. I started at the West End salon then moved to our George Street salon. I also spent 7 years at South Bridge before returning to the West End salon 3 years ago.

Q: Describe your ‘signature’ style.

I love all aspects of hairdressing, cutting, styling and dressing hair. ‘Colour’ is my biggest passion so I reckon a ‘Vintage Copper Bob’ would be my signature style .

Q: What’s on your playlist at the moment?  

My musical taste is very eclectic but at the moment New Order’s latest album ‘Music Complete’ is top of my list. Although with Cheynes 40th anniversary fast approaching my Disco tunes will be playing in the West End Salon!

Q: If you hadn’t taken up the world of hairdressing, what would have been your second career choice?  

I have two fabulous children at home and I am really into ‘Child Development’. I had the opportunity to do an amazing course called ‘Raising Confident Kids’ and I’m now looking forward to completing ‘Raising Confident Teens’. So something in this area would have been good.

Q: What is your all time favourite colour?

Colour is such a huge part of what we do, all day every day! For me my favourite colour is Red (all aspects of Red). Red is also my own personal choice of hair colour. Vibrant and glossy with a cheeky twist!

Q: Do you have any hobbies?

2kids and a crazy dog doesn’t leave much time for hobbies but I do go to pilates which is, by far, my favourite fitness regime.

Q: Do you have a funny Cheynes story?

Cheynes parties are pretty infamous but one of the funniest things ever was being dressed up like a cowgirl on the top deck of a bus heading into the countryside for a barn dance ….The bus driver decided to take a wrong turning and as we approached a rather low looking bridge Jennifer shouted “DUCK” and she was right as the double decker was actually too high to fit under. No one was hurt and it went on to be one of the best parties ever!