Cheynes People: Jamie








Here’s the latest in our ‘Cheynes People’ posts, Jamie McDonald


Q: Describe what you do at Cheynes? 

A: In my role as Education Manager I oversee all the training that is delivered by our tutors to our Assistants, Graduates and newly qualified hairdressers , it’s a great honour to have been given this role as Jennifer Cheyne has always said  ‘EDUCATION IS EVERYTHING’

Q: How long have you been part of the Cheynes Team?   

A: 23 years. I am based at the York Place Salon.


Q: Describe your ‘signature’ style.

A: Strong shapes with an element of softness.


Q: What’s on your playlist at the moment?   

A: Massive Attack , Zero 7 and Jurassic 5 for the commute to work, then its all about the techno when I am running home, Cheap Picasso, DJ Tennis and Adriatique.


Q: If you hadn’t taken up the world of hairdressing, what would have been your second career choice?  

A: Possibly a joiner or electrician.


Q: What is your all time favourite film? 

A: The original Star Wars trilogy (empire strikes back is my favourite of the three)


Q: Do you have any hobbies?

A: I love to run and completed my first half marathon this year


Q: Tell us something about yourself that we wouldn’t know.

A: I trained as a ballet dancer when i was a young boy!!