Cheynes Conference








Every year we bring the team together for an afternoon of inspiration, educations and FUN!

The Cheynes Annual Conference is an opportunity to award our teams for their achievements throughout the previous year. It’s also time for everyone to enjoy the FUN of being part of our company. We enjoy every aspect of our day to day work, and the conference allows us to share some of the wonderful happenings each salon has had!

It’s also a time when we can let our hair down! Although this wasn’t the case for Jennifer Cheyne OBE as she had to have her hair put up for a very special presentation.


Each team delivers a presentation about their own salon, this can be anything from a dance performance to a slide show of images. Everyone gets involved and it’s fair to say competition between each team runs high.

The office team also get involved and this year They parodied AB FAB with Jennifer as Patsy (hence the hair up). Such is the power of social media that the picture has appeared all over Facebook pages since the team took to the stage.

In case you haven’t seen any, here are a few snaps taken by the team. We have to say that Jennifer could pass for Patsy with ease, and the rest of the AB FAB gang look brilliant too!