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Balmain Hair Couture

One of the most stylish designed brands hair-care brands has become a firm favourite with many of our clients. Balmain is our preferred extension supplier and we have been delighted with the results we get each and every time a client has the service in our salons. Alongside the extensions Balmain also have a range of hair care products that we have been using recently.

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The range includes everything you could want from a hair range, fabulous shampoo, conditioner and treatments, styling and finishing products and a collection of special formulations for extra special results.

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Balmain is well known as a high end designer brand and their catwalk collections are always a sight to behold. The fashionista love the clothes and celebrities are often seen in thee dramatic and glamorous outfits.

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Whilst it’s highly unlikely most of us will ever be a part of the #BalmainArmy (Their unique hashtag) we can be involved in this very cool brand with their product range which (as you can see) looks incredibly stylish and sophisticated, very high end and expensive looking. The good news is, it’s not [expensive] but it is exceptionally high performing and that’s why we have decided to introduce a wider range in our (selected) Cheynes salons.

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We are always striving to bring you the very best products, our teams love new and innovative ranges that we can use in salon and recommend for you to continue using at home. Ask your Cheynes stylist about Balmain Hair Couture extension and home-care, we know you are going to love being part of the #BalmainArmy in your own way!