Autumn Hair








It’s officially Autumn and the weather is changing. There is a chill in the air, and as the temperature changes so does the way our hair feels.  During the summer months we need to take extra care of the hairs structure because the sun can dry the it out, we all have at one point in our lives witnessed ‘sun kissed’ hair. The lightening effect of holiday hair is caused by the suns rays breaking down the molecular structure of the hair and with it, natural hair colour. That’s why we use and recommend products with UV filters and protection to help prevent the damage and fade occurring.

Now it is Autumn we have to deal with the fact that windy days can cause problems too. The wind can cause the cuticle layers to open up, allowing the hairs natural moisture to escape which causes the hair to dry out. And then we decide it’s time to put the central heating back on which can cause the hair to dry out (even) faster.

All is not lost though. Autumn should be known as ‘treatment time’ as it’s the perfect period to get your hair back into tip top shape in readiness for the inevitable party season that is coming very very soon and here at Cheynes we have a great range of treatments to help you get your hair back in fabulous condition.

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We use System Professional treatments in our salons and recommend appropriate products to care for your hair at home as well. Alongside System Professional we carry an extensive range of  shampoos, conditioners, treatments, styling and finishing products that help keep your hair in tip top condition and fight the effects of the weather and everything else that can cause your hair to look and feel unhealthy.

Technologies in our ranges are very advanced and can help regenerate and repair damaged hair, and then continue to maintain it in tip top condition throughout the changes in the weather.

For more details of the very best combination of products for your hair speak with your Cheynes stylist and make sure your hair is fabulous throughout Autumn and into Winter.