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Have you ever noticed how your hair seems to succumb to changes in the weather? Colder air, striking winds, rain, sleet, snow, all play havoc with the condition of your hair  structure. Add to that the constant heat from central heating and hair that normally looks healthy and full of vitality looks dry, limp and lifeless.













Thankfully help is at hand.

Wella System Professional treatments have been created using the finest of ingredients and help replenish and rebuild the hair inside and out. Applied in salon (with a luxury massage to make the experience even more enjoyable) the treatment is applied to shampooed hair, section by section and massaged through from roots to ends, then developed under heat to allow maximum penetration of the ingredients. Your hair will respond immediately to the treatment, moisture levels will be restored, making your hair bouncy and full of life with a fabulous shine. Proteins will be rebuilt making your hair feel stronger and more resilient to external influences, weather etc.

With a treatment for every hair type System Professional really is the best booster you can give your hair.

Our teams are ready to help you make your hair look fabulous again! Why not book in for a treatment today and give your hair the extra special care and attention if needs and deserves.