Learning is not just important,


It is everything…


We exist to help employers develop and strengthen their business through Apprenticeship education and by doing so help the young people we work with to become the best that they can be. To accomplish this we will create, adapt and develop highly effective education systems to routinely achieve exceptional results. Today, Cheynes Training operates a full suite of quality NVQ learning programmes for hairdressers. This includes:

NVQ Level One, aimed at candidates who are still at school.

This introductory programme is designed to show young people how to become good assistants.

NVQ Level Two, our flagship programme, aimed at salon assistants who wish to become hairdressers, the Cheynes Training version of the NVQ Level Two Programme is a greatly enhanced version of NVQ Level Two.

NVQ Level Three, aimed at young hairdressers who have completed Level Two, have been launched onto the salon floor and now wish to build a clientele.

Every aspect of our programmes is thoroughly researched and tested prior to being released to salons. The main ‘research  centre’ being the Cheynes salons in Edinburgh, and the main ‘research students’ are the Cheynes assistants.


Interested in joining our programme, then waste no time and call

Cheynes Training Head Office on 0131 476 7100